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Is there anyone here in Anchorage, on any given day; That would be more than happy to have me,   for their very own to play? Someone that would except me, with the broken down body that I have Someone to whom I could give my heart to,    That has a little pizazz. Requardless of what friends I have    I'm very much alone; I'm on here looking for someone,    someone who would condone. The life-style I have and will keep,    throughout the rest of my life; Born a boy and now a girl,    but causes noone strife. I kept my pleasure center,    because it is just that; A girl with a little extra something,    without enough balls to get them whacked. There's got to be someone,    In these days who is wealthy enough; To shower me with presents,    And other fancy stuff. Who is full of fun and excitement,    and has a wholesome personality; One who has a warm heart,    and a utilitarian morality. Who am I, I will not lie,    just one of seven billion bugs; An educated soul who does not know,    who enjoys cigarrettes alcohol and buds. Man or woman black or white,    I'm looking for just a soul; You may think you're not worthy,    but I guess you'll never know. Unless you contact me one
day,    while I am still alive; You must get through to seven four eight,    which is followed by three one five. I am very popular,    a mature sexual nymph you see; Some of you even know myself,    ...are you following me? But never ask a girl her age,    So here's a rescent pic... But you better hurry;    I'm getting old damned quick. I stand at five foot seven inches,    petite with long brown hair; Ans seven to eight inches of pure extacy,    If we should ever dare! I am cool and I am clean,    and I have a quaint little place; A little orange tabby kitty    and a great big fireplace. I've met so many wonderful people,    here on this Craig'sList; If one of you were serious,    it was an opportunity I missed. I'm looking for that someone,    to whom I can call my own; One that I can talk to,    instead of texting on the phone. I answer all me e-mails,    sooner or later and after calls; But before all the texters,    Who just seem to be after genitals. Persistence is one key with me    On me please don't give up; I am looking for you too,    as long as you're not corrupt. A warning to the texters,    who seem to procrastinate me; Don't appreviate your words,    or commit a stupid fallacy. Or I won't spend time with you,    I'm too busy with my Tao way; I have to squeeze twenty six hours,    in every tweny four hour day. Please don't flag this posting,    Isn't it fun just to be alive, And if you are still wondering:    the magic number's five. Thank you for reading my post,    and on me here's a little unknown fact; Just give me a personal phone call,    the trick to getting this tranny is just that!

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